Faded Into the Mists of Time
Michael J. Von Gebel

Snook Family

The Snook Family hailed from New Jersey, and came to Ohio early in the State’s founding. A very noble family, consisting of Judges, Congressman, Revolutionary War Soldiers, Civil War Veterans, they by all accounts worked hard and endeavored to accomplishment meaningful and great things with their lives. Joab Snook was the Grandson of John & Elsie Rockefeller Snook. Elsie is a member of the prominent Standard Oil Rockefellers.

Dr. James Howard Snook a man of accomplishment seemed to take a detour in his life, to commit murder, engaged in drug use, and in what at the time was considered unspeakable sexual practices. Newspaper Accounts of the trial and execution are available to read by clicking on the James Howard Snook Murder button.  I want to dedicate this page to the late Frank Mounts who helped me as a young man with the Snook genealogy.

Dr. James Howard Snook Murder

Joab Snook