Faded Into the Mists of Time
Michael J. Von Gebel

Leveck Family

The Leveck family is the largest in my paternal line.  What you will find here are small snapshots of my direct lineage.  I have numerous photo's, documents and family letters in my possession, so if you need help ask as I probably have what you need. I want to dedicate this page to my Great Aunt Helen Leveck Higgins who up until her death was so supportive with helping me on our Leveck family. The two other people have been instrumental in collecting our history and preserving it are Jackie Bretsch and Mark Leveck, so a special thanks goes out to them for their years of hard work for our benefit.

Louis Leveck, 4th Great-Grandfather

William Leveck, 3rd Great-Grandfather

Frank Leveck, 2nd Great-Grandfather

Raymond Hiram Leveck, Great-Grandfather











Helen Higgins Joanne Leveck
(Photo Courtesy of Michael Von Gebel)