Faded Into the Mists of Time
Michael J. Von Gebel

Jones Family

To read accounts of Strother Gaines Jones public life in books and newspaper accounts, one does develop a problem rectifying those accounts with his private life. Since the public side of Strother’s persona is well covered lets, delve into the hidden parts of his private life. In about 1849 he started having marital problems with his wife Lucy Newton Jones, and their marriage ended after a very nasty and public divorce. His infidelities were noted in the divorce accounts. What ever became of Lucy Newton Jones after the divorce is not known. In or about 1857, he encountered Anna Gebel, the depth of that arrangement is not known but it was intimate enough to produce a child out of wedlock- Katherine Jones who later married Alfred Reichert and then William J. Corcoran. Anna Gebel lived under the name of Jones, and in one directory was listed as the (widow of Strother) problem was he wasn’t dead. Off and on over the years Strother G. Jones does sue numerous people (rightly or wrongly) for money and or property. After his marriage to Lucy Cass, Strother seems to have tamed a lot of his impulses, and leads a public and private life that appeared respectable.

Josiah Jones Jr.
Strother G. Jones
Katherine Jones