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Dr James H. Snook Family

Dr James H. Snook Family

Two presentations about the Murder of Theora Hix, by my third cousin, Dr. James Howard Snook, were best done in my estimation by Nancy Patzer, of Short North Gazette, Columbus, Ohio and the Ohio Exploration Society founded by Jason Robinson.  Both the Short North Gazette and Ohio Exploration Society were gracious enough to allow me to present those articles in their entirety on Faded Into the Mists of Time website.  So a special thanks to Jason Robinson, Founder of Ohio Exploration Society, and Margaret Marten, Editor, Short North Gazette.  Links to both the Short North Gazette and Ohio Exploration Society have been provided on their pages below, I strongly encourage you to go visit their websites as there are a great deal of interesting stories, news, and articles on the Arts at their websites.   What really wasn’t known at the time of Dr. Snook’s trial was his lineage, quite probably had it been known at the time the newspapers would have had a field day.  Dr. Snook’s 3rd Great Grandmother was Elsie Rockefeller Snook; she also was the Great-Great Aunt of John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil, while she had been long dead by the time of Dr. Snook’s trial. One notable Ohio personality wasn’t Dr. Snook’s, 3rd Cousin John Stout Snook of the Paulding, Ohio area.  John Stout Snook was a three term United States Congressman, and at the time of James Howard Snook’s trial, he was a sitting Judge of the Court of Common Pleas.  These prominent relationships are but a few I have chosen to mention, by all my research and historical accounts, the Snook’s were a noble, hardworking, Christian group of people, who excelled to accomplish great things.  Dr. Snook himself was on that path with the invention of the Snook Hook, which is still used today to spay and neuter animals, along with his gold medal at the 1920 Olympics at Antwerp, to his esteemed profession at Ohio State University. 

 He strayed from the path, and the matters that followed should not be used to judge his late wife, child, or other members of the Snook family.  His actions however motivated were his own, and he alone was held to account for them. To view each generation of Dr. Snook’s direct lineage click on the boxes below.  To start reading the two perspective stories about Dr. Snook click on appropriate boxes below.

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