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Wayne County Military:

Jun., 2017: Wayne Co., IL Military Men & Women Col., 4 new records added; database total: 640


Website Partnerships:  (Can be found under the links tab on the Faded homepage)

Jun., 2017: Missouri State Death Cert. for 1966 has been added.  Find them under the links tab on the Faded home page.

Dec., 2015: Familysearch.org has been added. Find them under the links tab on the Faded home page.

Jan., 2014:  Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Land Records, patents database.  Find them under the links tab on the Faded home page.


Guess Who:

Jun., 2017: 1 Guess Who has been added it appears on pg. 28 of Wayne County People Guess Who column.


Family Researchers:

Jun., 2017:  We have created a new system to connect with other family researchers.  Tab is located on the home page 5 more people add their contact info..


Personal Web Pages:

Jun., 2017: Mariann Brownson's Musgrave family is undergoing a revision and is unavailable at this time.  The rest of her families are available to look at.


Reader's Interest:

Obituary Database:

Jun., 2017: 415 obits added: current database count: 18,723 obits;


Wayne County Cemeteries:

Jun., 2017 All Wayne County Cemeteries are directly linked to that cemetery on Find A Grave.  Go to the Wayne County Cemeteries tab on the Faded home page and follow the prompts and select from the drop down menu.


Wayne County Family Pictures:

Jun., 2017: 5 pictures added to Wayne County Family pics can be found on pg. 25 & 26 of that collection;

Sept., 2016: Rosie Singleterry & Linda Adams Singleterry Family Album has been combined with select pictures from Stephen Kinney's album of the SIngleterry family to make one album called Our Singleterry Family Album.  status: ongoing










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