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Guess Who?

Every week a mystery photo would be published in the Wayne County Press. Wayne County Press readers would try and guess the identity of the person or persons in the photo.  The following week the Wayne County Press, would print the identity of the person/persons.  These pictures have been scaled for web page viewing.  If you would like a higher quality, higher resolution picture email Michael Von Gebel at vongoebel@hotmail.com . I will be happy to email the picture to you. 

The pictures and information featured here are for personal use only, they are not to be posted on other websites such as Find A Grave, or other non-profit or for profit genealogy websites.

Picture appeared in Dec. 31, 1959 & identity appeared in Jan. 7, 1960 Wayne County Press, Fairfield, IL
Ewing Young Family
of the Covington Neighborhood
Standing L. to R.: Prudie Baldwin, Emily Sons, Emmer Green, Sarah Daisy, America "Sis" Hughes
Seated L. to R.:
Johnson Young, Mr. & Mrs. Ewing Young, Robert Young

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