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PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS!  Enter your surnames or surname of research interest, enter your name, then enter your email address, these fields are required. Your entry should be live with in 24 hours once it is approved.  Even if you use Faded's email address I still need your address so I know where to forward your mail to.  If we receive spam or junk mail it will not be forwarded to you by the Faded postmaster, it will be deleted.

You have 2 contact options: 1). Have your own email displayed for direct contact with other researchers . 2).Put a check in the CHECK BOX and Faded’s email will display as your contact email and we will forward emails to you at the email address you provide us.  You can decide from there whether to contact the person back.

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Patricia Joyce

Jan Green

Diana Tidball

Debbie Gowan

Michael Von Gebel

David Huffman

Ted Pace

PK Cravens

Linda Adams

Ken Fields

Susan Storm

John Johns

Paula Meier

Candee Hoff

Megan Bryant

Amanda Veatch

Chris Howard

Luisa Rybicki

Trenny simmons

Verdaine Hooper

Regina Smola

Troy & Joanne Woloch

Michael Henderson

Deborah Simpson

vickey woodard

Sharon Humphrey


Monte & Rosie Singleterry

Derek Dobbs

David Huffman













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