Wayne County, IL


Index to Brides
1916 - 1950

This database contains 5,458 records.

Betty Beeson has located 299 additional surnames of brides, as well as a number of brides & grooms married in Wayne County, Illinois which were omitted from the Wayne County Courthouse Marriage Book Index, there also were numerous misspelled surnames which have been corrected, and additional notations have been made for Brides married more than once.  Betty has gone through each marriage book and recorded the information. The corrections have not been made in the official Wayne County Marriage Index Book located at the courthouse, only Betty possesses the corrections. Betty will lookup and make a copy of the original, if the original is not located a copy from the Marriage Book will be made and sent.  Click here to search

Cost: Please send $4.00 per marriage record & an SASE with the name(s) of the brides you wish to get a marriage record for with your order.


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