Wayne County, IL


Rhode Island Red Chickens

Picture courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel

Pictured: Rhode Island Red rooster

“Rhodie” would rise and shine very early and get on his stump and “cock a doodle do” every morning.  I actually enjoyed waking up to his call.  “Rhodie” is one of three breeds of roosters my Aunt Betty and Uncle James have on their place.

The Rhode Island Red was developed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. One of the first sires for this breed was a Black-Breasted Red Malay imported from England.  The Malay is where the Rhode Island Red gets its deep color, strong constitution, and relatively hard feathers.

The Rhode Island Red were originally bred in the state of Rhode Island hence the name. The Rhode Island Red is also the state bird of Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Red is a utility bird raised for meat and its brown eggs.  





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