Wayne County, IL




Pictures courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel


These pictures are from the last quilt show I participated in at St. Luke’s Church.  Every available space to display a quilt was utilized.  I put three quilts from my collection on display:

1.       Pattern: Hole in the Barn Door; I purchased this twin size quilt in Douglas Co., IL and it is all hand stitched.  It was estimated to have been made about 1930 and was purchased at an estate sale in Douglas Co., IL.

2.       Pattern:  Diamond, Star of Bethlehem; I purchased this twin size quilt when I lived on Cape Cod.  The antique store owner said a friend was selling some of her grandmother’s things.  Her grandmother was from Wellfleet, MA and made this twin size quilt abt. 1921. The quilt is all hand stitched.

3.       Pattern: Elephant Foot.  This queen size quilt was purchased on a trip to Thailand. The quilt was made by the Hmong women of the hill tribes in northeastern Thailand.  They use an applique design of footprints of an elephant, a traditional sign of good fortune and prosperity in Thai culture.  Due to the temperate climate the quilt is light in its design making it ideal for summer use.





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