Wayne County, IL


Question Mark Butterfly

Picture courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel

This was my first time to see this butterfly known as the Question Mark.  I came across a group of them on one of my cemetery visits to Wayne County, Illinois in October, 2013.The Question Mark's dark markings, irregular wing edges and cryptically colored undersides help the butterfly resemble a dead leaf when resting. Adults have a strong, rapid flight but frequently alight on overhanging branches, tree trunks or leaf litter. Wary and nervous, they are often difficult to closely approach. Males readily establish territories and aggressively investigate any passing objects.

Both sexes visit rotting fruit, dung, carrion and tree sap.Host Plants: Sugarberry, American Elm, Winged ElmHabitat: deciduous forests, moist woodlands, forest edges and adjacent open areas.












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