Wayne County, IL


Speckled kingsnake

Picture courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel


The Speckled kingsnake is often called the "salt-and-pepper" snake.

Speckled kingsnakes are well respected by most of the rural folks.  Most of them are well aware of their appetite for rodents, They do eat venomous snakes but only as opportunistic feeders. They eat what is available to them, i.e. whatever they come across.  Young feed mainly on lizards and small snakes (such as baby garter and ribbon snakes). Adults feed mainly on rodents and snakes (including various water snake and cottonmouths). Speckled kingsnakes utilize many habitats including farms, open fields, swampy areas, forested areas and in many towns.

This guy was sunning himself, when I came out my office door.  So I ran in and grabbed the camera and got this great picture of him.  He was about 48 inches long and very cooperative about having his picture taken.




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