Wayne County, IL


Gillam Harris Tombstone Reset

Harris Military stone on ground
Harris stone on ground   Gillam Harris stones reset

Pictures courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel

Submitted by: Michael J. Von Gebel, Nov., 2014

The next one I did was Gillam Harris.  His main monument was of the same size and weight as David Dickey’s.  The main difference was they never used a rod to keep the surname base and the tombstone connected, so I leveled the main base the same way as the Dickey monument used about 80 lbs of cement and glued the surname base to the main base.  Waited 24 hours and returned placed 4 pennies on top of the surname base and place the adhesive on then hoisted his tombstone up and presto done.  The 4 pennies are place as a spacer so the adhesive doesn’t squish out and defeat the purpose.  I got the penny trick from Lester Draper who does caretaking at the Blooming Grove Cemetery in Hamilton County.  Also for many years Gillam’s Civil War marker was laying on the ground propped up against his tombstone main base and I dug a very deep slot in the ground and got his Civil War marker installed as well.


I did some other marker repairs but these were the most challenging for one guy to be doing by himself.  I did learn one thing I am not 25 anymore so next time I will bring help.




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