Wayne County, IL


David D. Dickey Tomstone Reset

Pictures and story submitted by: Michael J. Von Gebel, Nov., 2014

On my most recent trip to Wayne County, I decided to fix five tombstones in the Dickeyville/Arrington Prairie Cemetery.  For many years I have gone to Dickeyville cemetery as most of my family are buried here. The tombstone of David D. Dickey (the son of Rev. David B. & Nancy A.S. Page Dickey) has been laying on the ground for close to 10 years now.  I dug around the main monument base and leveled it and reinforced it with steel bar and then poured close to 80 lbs. of cement under it.  Then the surname base that holds the actual tombstone had to have the bored hole cleaned out and a new rod put in which holds it to the tombstone.  I used solid core aluminum.  The green patina indicates the original “rod” was rolled copper.  So I let all this set 24 hours and then returned with monument adhesive and hoisted the tombstone onto it’ surname base glued the monument onto its surname base.  Boy was that thing heavy I only weigh about 140 lbs. and I think it weighed more than I do.  But hey can’t stop a German on a mission.
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