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Copper Iris

Copper Iris
Picture courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel

Copper Iris

Copper Iris Iris fulva is found in freshwater, in marshes, stream banks, field or roadside ditches, drainage canals, swamps and wet pastures. It is normally found in water up to 6 inches deep. Iris fulva is listed as 'threatened' in Illinois. This is due to the loss of habitat. Which are under threat from dredging operations, also swamps being drained.   

I keep this planted next to my bird bath as I dump the water daily to put fresh water in the bird bath. This does keep the soil sufficiently damp. The leaves die back in August as the plant blooms and then reappear when it is finished and remain green through the winter.  I purchased my root stock for the Copper Iris from Prairie Moon Nursery in Winona, MN. While I don’t endorse businesses I have had great success with root stock I have purchased from them.





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