Wayne County, IL


Dickeyville Cemetery Renovation

Pictures courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel

As many of you probably know in October, 2014, I engaged is some back breaking work repairing and resetting the tombstones of Gillam Harris and David D. Dickey they have been featured in a previous Reader’s Interest story.  Well upon my return to Arrington Prairie/Dickeyville Cemetery I was pleasantly shocked to see that every tombstone in the old section of the cemetery has been releveled, repaired and in some instances entire new pads poured for some stones.

While photographing some tombstones I had a chance encounter with Shannon Withrow’s wife and mother- in- law who informed me that an anonymous donor had contributed the money to facilitate all the work that has been done.  For all of us with family buried in the cemetery we want to extend a warm and grateful thanks to our silent benefactor and to those completing this large project.




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