Wayne County, IL


CO-OP No. 3

Picture courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel

This particular tractor was photographed at Buchheit’s Farm & Feed in House Springs, MO.

The Farmer Cooperative Movement attracted a large following and membership in the depression years of the early 1930's. During this time, the Co-ops invested in agri-industrial ventures. Among them were fertilizer plants, meat packing plants and tractor manufacturing. The Co-Op tractors were advertised as built by cooperatives and distributed by cooperatives. They could be seen displayed in many community cooperatives, sponsored field demonstrations, and at State Fairs. Co-op Tractors were first manufactured under contract with Duplex Machinery Company in Battle Creek, Michigan, and distribution was through Farmers Union Central Exchange of Minnesota. The tractors, after 1938, were manufactured by the Cooperative Manufacturing Company.

The Co-Op No. 3 was the largest of the three tractors. It was recommended as a three-plow tractor. It was powered by a slightly larger six cylinder Chrysler Industrial engine, rated at 1600 RPM. It was of standard or wide front design, and weighed about 4,500 lbs. During World War II, Co-Op Tractor production was halted. Co-Op No. 3 production then resumed until 1951. 














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