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Faded into the Mists of Time often referred to as “Faded” by our loyal followers, strives to be your portal into the past for Wayne County, Illinois history and genealogy.  “Faded” was started in 2008 as a private family history website by Michael J. Von Gebel. 

In early 2009 a group of friends and family were looking for a home to showcase their collections of stories, genealogies and pictures.  They decided to make Faded their home. Since then Faded has continued to grow and transform with the needs of our family of contributors and visitors. Faded’s success is due to excellent teamwork, a commitment to hard work and expanding our collections. 

The artistic arrangement, pictures, & content arrangement are copyrighted.  I would ask you give credit where credit is due for the use of the information and photo’s that you use from our site. 



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