Faded into the Mist of Time

Mariann Musgrave Brownson

Mariann Musgrave Brownson


My name is Mariann and welcome to the Faded website.  If your ancestor lived in Wayne County, I hope you'll find some relatives here.  All my histories are dedicated to my great-grandmother, Carrie Sons Gaston, who was herself a keeper of family memories, and a loving matriarch to her family.   

Very often when people think of family history, they imagine “coats of arms” or connections to “famous” people.   Yet the most compelling and touching inheritance from our ancestors is how they took a leap of courage to come to America, how events in American history shaped their lives, and how they endured their hardships and heartbreaks.  

I first started doing genealogy research after a car accident left me confined at home.  Like many people, I had boxes of old photographs and scrapbooks in the closet I'd always intended to put in some kind of order.  The more I looked through these pictures, the more I wondered: How did they come to be here? What were their lives like?  How did they make a living?  Over thirty-five years ago, before my great-grandmother died, we were able to go through many of these photos, and she gave me the stories to go with them. 

Researching ancestors for me is like solving a mystery, and I love a mystery.  You dig through old records and books, and along the way you meet many pleasant people with similar interests like Michael Von Gebel and Marylea Gazette.  Both have generously shared information with me, and I'm very grateful for the chance to place all my families on the Faded Into the Mists of Time website.

As always, any errors are mine, and corrections or additions are very welcome.  You are welcome to use images from my pages, but will need permission for images that are credited to others from the Faded website.  Contact Michael Von Gebel for those permissions.  Kindly give credit as you would wish credit be given to you.

Hope this information helps you solve your family mystery!

Mariann Musgrave Brownson