Faded Into the Mists of Time
Michael J. Von Gebel

Strother Gaines Jones

Strother Gaines Jones (Photo Courtesy of Mike G. Jones)

Strother Gaines Jones the son of Josiah & Nancy Finley Jones was born Dec. 8, 1813 at Lincoln Co., KY.  Strother was 1st married to Lucy Newton Jul. 9, 1834 at Mercer Co., KY.  Lucy Newton was born May 5, 1817 at Mercer Co., KY and died Feb. 13, 1901 in Kansas.  About 1850 Strother and Lucy filed for divorce, which was particularly nasty and they both dragged their friends in to testify against one another.  Lucy remarried a 2nd time to Ferdinand Meeker.

Children of Strother & Lucy Newton Jones are:

Eliza A. Jones, (1836-1914), James W. Jones, (1846-), Lucy E. Jones, (1850-), Mary E. Jones, (1839-1868), Julia A. Jones ( abt. 1852-);

Child of Ferdinand & Lucy Newton Meeker:

David Burr Meeker (1857-1948)

During their divorce Lucy claimed Strother was running around with a young girl that he introduced to people as his cousin.  It is probable but unlikely that this could have been Anna Gabel whom Strother fathered a child with.  No record of a marriage has ever been found for Anna and Strother, or a divorce record.  So we presume for now their child was born out of wedlock.  Anna Gabel was born abt. 1832 in Kentucky and died Nov. 10, 1902 at Macon Co., IL.  Anna is buried in Greenwood Cem., Decatur, IL.

Child of Strother Jones & Anna Gabel:

Katherine Jones (1858-aft. 1907)

Lucy E. Cass Jones (Photo Courtesy of Mike G. Jones)

Strother was married one last time to Lucy E. Cass the daughter of Ninian & Mary Wade Cass, Jun 14, 1865 at Logan Co., IL. Lucy E. Cass was born Mar. 28, 1936 at Logan Co., IL and died Apr. 17, 1929 at Springfield, IL.  Strother died Mar. 18, 1901 at Springfield, IL.  Both Strother and Lucy Cass Jones are buried in Oak Ridge Cem., Springfield, IL.

Children of Strother & Lucy Cass Jones are:

Morris Ashton Jones (1866 -1947), Shirley A. Jones (1867- ), Ernest S. Jones (1869-1940), Jessie May Curry Jones, (1871-1930).





Strother G. Jones Home
(Photo Courtesy of Michael J. Von Gebel)